Alpha 15!

The biggest update in the history of 7 Days to Die (so far) is upon us, and it’s been a lot of fun in the last few days. We got the server updated as soon as it was out, which meant a total map wipe. Nevertheless, we were ready and eager for the new features and are currently having a great time rebuilding and testing out all the new stuff. Come join us!

Base Progress + Night 14 Horde

We held off the night 14 horde tonight, but it was a close one. The swarm of zombies was much larger than night 7, and it tested our defenses to the extreme. It’s a good thing we discovered the secrets to making concrete and steel…otherwise our base would have been overrun for sure. Take a look at our progress though, we’ve got more to come.


Night 7 Horde

Tonight DeVileator and I held off the Night 7 horde pretty well! Our new base is holding up nicely and we were able to kill every zombie who came at our walls.


Space Engineers – Coming Soon!

Our Space Engineers server should be up and running this weekend. Stay tuned!

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