If you’d like to join SCG, please head to our Steam Group and become a member. This will allow our community to get to know you and make sure you’re a good fit for our community. While this is an unconventional approach, we feel it is necessary due to the huge issues with hacking, griefing, and overt trolling which seem to exist on every other server for the games we feature.

Being a private community, we can ensure that incidents of the above-mentioned problems are kept to an absolute minimum, as well as provide an optimal playing experience for our loyal members. Additionally, this allows our staff to enjoy playing without spending the majority of their time cleaning up after people who had no interest in being a member of our community in the first place.

We encourage you to join our Steam group, come into our Discord chat and Twitch streams, and just generally get a feel for our community. We are a laid-back network of gamers who just want to focus on enjoying the games we play. If this sounds like you, there’s a great chance you’ll fit right in.

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